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Wholesale T Shirts

WholesaleDirectUSA.com took the charge to introduce Hip Hop wholesale urban wear, big and tall, heavy and super heavy weight SAAD and 'Hood USA' high quality blank t shirts to t shirt wholesalers, distributers, and retailers anywhere in the United States and to the outer reach of the Web.

You will find WholesaleDirectUSA.com a reliable wholesale t shirts supplier providing quality t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, thermals, ladies tops and kid shirts at low factory direct prices with excellent service for a long time to come.

WholesaleDirectUSA after successfully launching SAAD and Hood USA Hip Hop T-shirts on the internet, now working on to bring leading brands like Galaxy and Harlem T-Shirts on the internet at low bulk wholesale tshirt prices. WholesaleDirectUSA is now making its own T-Shirts under 'Hood USA' label that overcomes any short coming of these leading labels. 'Hood USA' 185gsm and 215gsm T-Shirts were very well received when introduced at Jacob Javits Center in NYC. Hood USA thick 215gsm t-shirt is now satisfying many customers who do not want to pay high prices of well known labels like galaxy, pro club and others. Hood USA is also meeting customer demands of thick t-shirts that are not available in the market place.

WholesaleDirectUSA.com started its t-shirt wholesale business on Ebay. Now WholesaleDirectUSA has branched out on the web. We are the major internet t shirt importer, wholesaler and distributor of SAAD t shirts and manufacturer, importer and distributor of 'HOOD USA' label to t shirt wholesalers, distributors, retailers, printers, schools, offices and street vendors all over the united states. T Shirt Wholesale Distributor deals with T Shirt Wholesalers and small shops from New York City to California and from Wisconsin to Texas. Our reach is far and wide. Our customers are very happy with the quality, price, reliability, integrity, honesty and the fast service we provide to meet our customer needs.

WholesaleDirectUSA is a sister company of SuperiorRugs.com, SuperiorImporters.com, Compu-soft.com, and MaximumDecor.com. Compu-soft.com has been in business since 1986 and SuperiorRugs.com has been selling rugs to the USA web market for last several years. SuperiorRugs.com is a retail website for rugs and SuperiorImporters.com caters to wholesale rug customers. WholesaleDirectUSA takes pride in providing low factory direct discounted wholesale prices, quality product and services to our customers anywhere in the United States. WholesaleDirectUSA is only a phone call away to provide any assistance to our customers and we can be reached via email seven days a week.

WholesaleDirectUSA carries SAAD Wholesale Blank T Shirts and Plus Size Tee Shirt in sizes Medium, Large, XLARGE - XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL and 8XL. We carry SAAD label because of its high quality, low prices and high customer satisfaction. Our customers are pleasantly surprised with quality and value and they come back for more.

WholesaleDirectUSA carries Blank T Shirts to wholesale customers in White, Black, Red, Royal Blue and grey color in 2XL - 6XL. Medium, Large, XL, 7X and 8X are available only in white. All the wholesale blank t-shirts are beefy 6.1 oz. except medium and large. They are heavyweight 5.6 oz. T-shirts.

WholesaleDirectUSA is available to sell Plus Size T Shirt to wholesale customers in quantity ranging from one dozen to a container load of blank t-shirts. WholesaleDirectUSA caters to small wholesale t-shirts customers to large wholesale t-shirt customers. WholesaleDirectUSA attempts to meet the need of small wholesale customers same as large wholesale t-shirt customers.

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